When is Mutiny Festival?

Bank Holiday Weekend. May 26-27th, 2018.


where is mutiny festival held?

Mutiny Festival is held at the King George V Fields in Cosham, just north of Portsmouth City Centre. 

King George V Playing Fields
Northern Road


Opening times

Saturday & Sunday    12:00 - 00:00 


When is the last time I can enter the festival?

We operate a last entry policy, which will be 20:00 on both Saturday and Sunday


Do I need a Ticket for Mutiny Festival?

Yes you will need a ticket.

All tickets are weekend accessible tickets that will be exchanged for a wristband on entry. You must keep the wristband on for both days.

Any wristbands that have been tampered with will not be given access to the site. 


Whats included with a vip ticket? 

VIP area is 18+ only and includes - VIP Entry Lanes / Private VIP only area next to the main stage / Posh flushing toilets / VIP Only Bar and Food options and more.


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from our main ticket partner Eventbrite or our other affiliate partners.


Do I have to print my ticket?

On your phone on the Eventbrite App or a print off of the ticket will be accepted, but think of trees and use the App! 


Will I need ID?

We are an 16+ Event, All people will will require I.D. 

All 16 & 17 year olds will enter the site via a separate entrance to those aged 18+, using their ID as detailed. 16 & 17 year olds will be asked to provide basic details e.g. name, date of birth, home phone number etc. that will be recorded by the festival management team for Safeguarding purposes. Accompanying adults aged 18+ may enter the site via this entrance.

We also have a challenge 25 policy so if you are lucky enough to look under 25 we will ask for I.D.

There will be 100% bag search policy on all bags brought into the event.

Approved ID for the Event are:

·      A valid and in-date photo Driving / Provisional License

·      A valid and in-date Passport (photocopies and out of date Passports are not permitted)

·      A valid and in-date Proof of Age Card, such as the Citizen Card, that has the approved ‘Pass’ Hologram on it (Student Cards and others that do not have this hologram are not acceptable)

Please note it is a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to gain entry to licensed premises or to buy alcohol.

You may be subject to searching at any time during the event.


Can I leave and come back again?

We operate a no re-entry policy, i.e once you have entered the event site you can not leave and re-enter again.


Can I pay by card at the bar?

Yes. All of our bars accept card payments, but our food traders may not all have the ability to take card payments.


Are there cash machines on site?

Yes. We will have a number of cash machines on site in various locations, look out for our festival map to see where they are.


Will there be lockers?

Yes. We will have lockers available on site, keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.


Can I bring Alcohol?

No. Alcoholic drinks can not be brought into the festival. There will be plenty of bars to buy drinks once inside the festival.


Can I bring food?

No. Food can not be brought into the festival. There will be a variety of food and drink available once inside the festival. No fires or BBQs on site. There is alwso Free drinking water available on site.


Can I bring Drink?

No. We have enough bars to satisfy your needs for non alcoholic and alcoholic drink. 
You can bring 1 x 500ml of sealed water to the festival, but it must be sealed. We do also have Free drinking water available around the site. 


Can I bring my guide dog?

Yes.  Guide/Assistance dogs are permitted, but no other animals are allowed on site.


Can i bring a camera?

The taking of photographs and footage for commercial use is prohibited unless arranged with the event organisers. While we allow cameras and tripods, very large lenses are not permitted.

If you are a photographer looking to apply for photography/media access at the event then please email your request to


Other prohibited items

Please see the below list of prohibited items. All of the below items will be confiscated. Confiscated items will not be return. Anyone that resists confiscation of disallowed items may be evicted.

  • Aerosols
  • Air Horns
  • Alcohol
  • Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
  • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Audio Recorders
  • Cameras with detachable lens or recording equipment
  • Chinese or Sky Lanterns
  • Excessive amounts of food or cigarettes may be refused entry to the site
  • Fireworks
  • Flares
  • Garden furniture, deckchairs, fold up chairs or shooting sticks
  • Glass
  • Illegal substances
  • Knives
  • Large Umbrellas or Flag Poles
  • Legal Highs
  • Medications - unless in sealed, unbroken packaging
  • Megaphones
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Open and sealed containers of liquid/water/soft drinks/food etc
  • Portable Laser Equipment or Pens
  • Smoke Canisters
  • Sound systems
  • Spray Cans
  • Un-authorised Professional Film or Video Equipment
  • Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets

First aid & welfare

We will have First Aid & Welfare services available throughout the festival. Please Visit the First Aid & Welfare tents on site with any healthcare issues during the event.


Lost Property

For all lost property please contact with the subject 'Lost Property'